Monday, 26 March 2012

Looking after your children's teeth

At what age should children first visit the dentist?  Quite simply, as soon as they have teeth.
The importance of regular visits to the dentist for children cannot be overestimated.  Kids love sweets and juices and, this, combined with  the softer nature of their teeth, means that they are susceptible to dental problems.

As soon as your child's teeth start to grow, it's a good idea to register him/her with a dentist.  Regular dental visits are important for children and offer a number of benefits:
  • Problems can be spotted earlier increasing the chances of successful treatment
  • Children become used to visiting the dentist and the 'fear factor' is reduced
  • Parents and children can be given advice on effective dental care to help prevent problems occurring.
It's also important for you to take the lead in developing a good oral health habit in your children.  This means:
  • Minimising sweets & other sugary foods, fizzy drinks & juices and, where these are taken, give a glass of water immediately afterwards to rinse the mouth.
  • Ensuring that teeth are brushed for two minutes twice a day (but leave at least 30 minutes after food/drink as the sugar and acids in foods will soften the tooth enamel).
  • Don't wait for your children to complain about toothache before booking them in to see the dentist.
At AllClear, we understand the dental needs of children and will be happy to treat your children.  We also stock a range of dental care products for children to help them build a good oral hygiene regime.  For further information or to book an examination for your children, call in, phone or see our website.

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