Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Direct access to hygienists - 2

Further information on the new regulations has now been issued by the General Dental Council.

With effect from 1 May, dental hygienists and dental thereapists are permitted to treat patients without a prior examination by a dentist.  The following notes cover the main points to bear in mind:
  • Whether or not to take direct access patients is up to the hygienist/therapist.  Not all hygienists may wish to do this and, if they would prefer to continue to work under the direction of a dentist, they have every right to do so.
  • They must work within the extent of their training and must not undertake duties for which they have not been trained.
  • If a hygienist identifies an issue whilst performing their duties, they may recommend a referral to a dentist.  You should bear in mind that hygienists and therapists do not have the same training as dentists and a trip to the hygienist does not remove the need for periodic examinations by a dentist
  • There are certain duties that, even if they have been trained to perform, hygienists & therapists are still not allowed to undertake.  These include teeth whitening (as the law requries a dentist to perform the first application of gel), prescribing of x-rays (hygienists and therapists may be allowed to take x-rays but only under the direction of a dentist) and injection of botox (there are certain exceptions to this and, if you are considering botox treatment, you should verify that the person administering the treatment has the appropriate permission to do it).
If you would like more details on the new regulations, you can access the General Dental Council's guidance notes by clicking here.

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