Friday, 30 August 2013

Dental plans - why choose AllClear's

Dental plans are offered by many providers so why should you choose AllClear's?
The majority of dental care plans are operated in a similar way to insurance schemes - you make amonthly payment, usually by direct debit, and in return have the right to periodic dental examinations & hygiene sessions (and, in some cases, other treatments too) together with a discount on treatments not covered by the inclusive deal.  Usually, these are limited in number and to a specific period (normally a calendar year) - if you do not take up the inclusive examinations/ treatments during the period, they do not carry over to the next year.

AllClear's membership scheme is different.  Run as a prepayment scheme, every penny of your monthly payment is credited to your account at the practice.  Then, when you attend for your inclusive examination or hygienist sessions, the cost is debited to your account.  The pricing of examinations and hygienist sessions is set to exactly equal the payments made in the year.  This has some important benefits over other plans:
  • If you miss an examination or hygienist session during the year, you do not lose the money you have paid - it remains on your account and can be used against other treatments (although we do set limits on the amount that can be used for each treatment)
  • Because the cost of your inclusive examinations and hygienist sessions is charged to your monthly payments, we are able to give you a receipt which can then be claimed back from any dental insurance you have (subject, of course, to any limitations within the insurance scheme).  This is not normally possible in schemes such as DenPlan.
Three plans are offered at AllClear:
  • Standard: £9.95 per month giving you 2 inclusive examinations and 2 inclusive hygienist sessions per year and 15% discount off most other treatments.
  • Hygiene: £15.95 per month giving all of the benefits of the standard plan with an additional 2 hygienist sessions per year (i.e.4 in total).
  • Family: £19.95 per month giving two adults all the benefits of the standard plan and up to 3 children aged 15 or under receive 2 free checkups per year and the 15% members'discount.
Because it is a prepayment scheme, the first inclusive checkups and hygienist sessions will take place six months after joining (hygiene plan members receive their first inclusive hygienist session after three months) but the members' discount applies immediately.  All we ask is that you remain a member for at least 12 months (if you leave within 12 months, we will ask you to repay any discounts we have given you.

Joining our scheme will not only save you money (the annual savings from the standard plan total £24.40 (compared to the full prices for examinations and hygienist sessions) and, for the hygiene plan total £46.30 and additional savings will be made if you need further treatment thanks to the 15% members discount) but will enable you to spread the cost of your examinations and hygiene sessions and help you maintain regular dental visits.

If you'd like to know more about our membership scheme or any other of our services, please call in , phone 020 8688 3869 or see our website (

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