Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Teeth whitening - over the counter products tested

Are over the counter whitening products safe & effective?  The Daily Mail recently tested a range of products to find out.

We're often asked whether over the counter teeth whitening products deesigned for home use are safe and effective and, in particular, whether they provide a cost effective alternative to whitening at a dentist.

With this in mind, The Daily Mail recently tested a number of over the counter whitening products to see whether they are effective in whitening the teeth (rather than just removing surface staining) and, more importantly, whether they are safe to use.  You can read the full review by clicking here.

At AllClear, we offer home whitening kits using peroxide based gels.  Two visits to the practice are required; at the first, your teeth are visually checked to ensure that, firstly, you are dentally fit and secondly that the whitening is likely to have the outcome you are looking for.  Providing everything is OK, impressions of your top and bottom teeth are taken and a second appointment booked for you to return a few days later.  During the second appointment, you will be issued with your whitening kit and custom made trays, instructed on their use and have the first application of whitening gel applied (which we are required to do by law).  The whitening kits we use are manufactured by established dental suppliers and are both safe and effective.

For more details on teeth whitening at AllClear, call in, phone 020 8688 3869 or click here.

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